Our mission is to make your dog's life better than yours!
Founder My Dog Company GmbH
Relevant Qualifications: FBA, Bachelour of Science Zoology
Made In: USA – Texas
Besties: small wild sausage dog named Pocket and a beautiful rescue mix named Toffee

We have no words for her... simply a must meet, then you will understand. Or meet her dogs, also says a lot.


Beware of fairy dust. She’s magic!


Chief Operating Officer

Relevant Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine
Made In: Romania
Bestie: A not so mini, Mini Australian Shepherd named Juno.

Imagine a fairy that makes everything run smoothly and beautifully no matter rain or shine.
That’s Csenge.

Careful: Your dog may end up smarter than you!


Chief Training Officer

Relevant Qualifications: FBA, CertoDog Trainer and Instructor, Kynologie
Made In: Czech Republic
Bestie: Sexy blonde Whippet named Lily.

Think Cesar Milan combined with your favorite school teacher and Minnie Mouse.
Excellent knowledge of the dog/human relationship, firm but warm education style, and no question always the brightest, most fantastical smile in the room.

Warning: Your dog may love her more than you !


Chief Fun Officer and Social Media Angel

Chief Fun Officer and Social Media Angel
Relevant Qualifications: Forest Engineer, Applied Zoology and Game Management
Made In: Slovakia
Besties: An elegant Schnauzer named Felix and a cheeky Jack Russel named Stiffler

You know that rare person that can remain completely static in a total shit storm and come out the other side like they just won the lottery? That’s Anita. Always calm, cool and collected no matter what these wild animals bring. She knows intuitively how to manage a pack and what your pup needs to learn and grown with confidence.

Be prepared: Your dog will look better than you and smell better than you.


Chief Beauty Officer

Relevant Qualifications: multiple grooming diplomas from across Europe specializing in Asian Style
Made In: Hungary
Besties: A sassy Toy Poodle named Jesabella and a super stylish Yorky named Rosco.

Whether you are looking for a trendy Asian style or a classic cut, your pooch will leave Bibo feeling fresh, frisky and ready for a whiskey.
She always says, grooming a dog is like caring for fine jewelry. You get the most out of it when you treat it well and keep it clean. 

After a style with Dorota don’t be surprised if your sexy pup gets a few whistles walking down the street. Ooh la la!


Beauty Director

Various grooming courses across Europe both breed specific and an emphasis on skin conditions
Made In: Poland

Perfection and precision! Dorota’s attention to detail is second to none.

If you are looking for a clean, classic cut related to a specific breed or if your dog has problematic skin then you will  not find a better match.

Imagine Yoshi from Mario Kart but in real life zipping around Zürich.


VIP Chauffeur

Made In: Germany
Besties: Emely and TonyTurbo

Cute, courteous and skilled driver ready to get your pup safely from home to My Dog Company and back again. Energetic tails leaving in the morning and tired ones returning safely in the evening. Precious cargo... that's all we know.